How to Switch Between Mural Maker 1.0 to 2.0 Mode

We just launched a trial of our new Mural Maker 2.0 features! To use them please make sure both of your devices are up to date with the most current version on the App Store. To do this you can look up Mural Maker on the App Store with both devices, or just click the below link. If it says “Update” press update, otherwise you are good to go!

Mural Maker on the iOS App Store


Changing to 2.0 Mode or back to 1.0 Mode

In order to use 2.0 mode or switch back to 1.0 mode… You can do that at any time by going to the main screen of the app, pressing the menu button in the top left corner, and then pressing Try Mural Maker 2.0 or Use Mural Maker 1.0. You will know you are in the 2.0 mode because at the top of the screen it will have the Mural Maker M logo with a 2.0 next to it. See the Gif below!