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Check out below for examples of what to post and what not post as far as pictures and drawings. Most of these are suggestions, some of them are rules.

Not Allowed – Posting Artwork or Photos that are not yours…

Posting inspiration photos that you did not take or artwork that you did not create is not allowed.

Good – Hi-Res Image / Well Lit

Clear images with plenty of light are the best for artists to draw. The more details an artist can see the better.

Always Bad – Low-Res / Blurry Images

Details are key. Blurry images are hard to draw and not very pleasant to look at. Check to see if you can zoom in on your image. If its blurry with minimal magnification then think twice about uploading it.

Always bad – Low Contrast / Low Light

As with blurry images if you can’t see the details in the picture an artist will not be able to draw it…

Not Allowed – Nudes

We know that the natural body is beautiful, but unfortunately in order to make this app accessible to everyone… and keep up with App Store policy we can’t allow nudes at this time.

Usually Bad – Group Photos

Generally speaking group photos of brunch are better memories than they are drawings.

Good – Natural / Candid photos

Usually selfies and pictures of people saying cheese for the camera don’t make great artwork… strive for natural looking photos that capture a moment.

Great – Interesting Poses

Great – Action

Swinging a bat, blowing a dandelion, hoisting a flag… dramatic actions captured as drawing can make amazing artwork.

Very Good – Interesting Perspective

Good – Dramatic Expression

Bad – AR Face Filters


Please visit our Terms of Service page,, for further details.



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