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Setting Up Mural Maker’s Connection

The camera stream should have very little noticeable delay, and there is a special way to setup the app for a super fast connection!

For the optimal setup go to your phone’s control center by following these instructions:

  • For devices with a home button (the round physical button at the bottom of your phone or iPad), you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • For devices without a home button: swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. Basically put your finger where the battery icon is on your device and pull down.

If you are having trouble finding the control center check out these instructions from Apple:


Then press on the wifi button as shown below. You want it to be white and not blue.

This disconnects you from your wifi network but does not turn your wifi off. As a result the two devices will connect directly with each other. Once both wifi buttons are white you can go back to Mural Maker and get to drawing!

****Do not turn off your wifi by going to your phone’s settings, only use the control center***

This will turn off your wifi completely and the app will not work.

Why does this work? I know the above sounds counter intuitive but… for the fastest connection, the app works best when not connected to your local wifi network!

The reason is that a wifi router acts as a middleman between your 2 devices and drastically slows things down.

Not good: iPhone -> Router -> iPad

When your devices are both disconnected from wifi they will create their own network directly with each other instead of trying to go to your router first.

Great: Phone ->  iPad

If you are still having connection issues then please reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of this screen. We usually respond super fast!


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