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Transform High Traffic Spots into Profit Centers with Just a Display Boost Your Store's Earnings with Zero Inventory

Introducing a hassle-free way to increase your earnings without the need to manage inventory, restock, or even dedicate shelf space.

By hosting a Da Vinci Eye display in your store, you’re unlocking a new stream of revenue, simply by leveraging the foot traffic your business already enjoys.

Illustration Affiliate Marketing with Da Vinci Eye

Why Partner with Da Vinci Eye?

Scan QR Code

Profit Made Simple

Place our display – be it a sign, or flyer – in any high-traffic area of your store and watch the magic happen. You earn money every time a customer scans the QR code and starts a trial, with no further action required from you.

No Inventory, No Hassle

Forget about the complexities of stocking, managing, or selling physical products. Our digital solution means you earn additional revenue without any of the traditional retail burdens.

Set It And Forget It

Once our display is up, your work is done. It’s that easy. Our eye-catching designs do all the hard work, attracting attention and encouraging scans without any need for ongoing effort on your part.

Earn From Every Scan

Every scan of the QR code is an opportunity—not just for engagement, but for earnings. You benefit from the initial interest when a customer starts a free trial and again when they commit to a subscription.

Capitalize on Your Store’s Foot Traffic with Da Vinci Eye

Da Vinci Eye is a digital tool that artists are excited to find. By hosting our display, you’re tapping into an existing demand with a viral social media presence, drawing in both new and repeat customers who are eager to access our app. You’re not just offering a valuable resource to artists; you’re enhancing your store’s earning potential effortlessly. It’s a win-win: your customers gain access to an innovative art learning tool, and you benefit from a new revenue stream that requires no upfront investment or ongoing management.

Make your store a beacon for art enthusiasts and a hotspot for passive earnings with Da Vinci Eye!

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